IP PBX Solutions for business

Jumping Bean offers cutting-edge IP PBX solutions that are built using Asterisk, the open source IP PBX, and hardware that is tested  and known to work with Asterisk and the South African telephone infrastructure. We leverage our extensive knowledge and experience to provide both standard ip-pbx solutions and custom-built ones to match our customers' unique requirements.

All our solutions carry a 2-year warranty and we provide monthly maintenance contracts to ensure your telephone system runs smoothly.

What are our IP PBX solutions used for?

Our solutions are general used in two scenarios:Asterisk IP PBX open source software

  • Replacing a traditional PBX - Asterisk based PBXs costs far less in comparison to the PBXs offered by traditional vendors. Additionally, in any comparison of cost and features, Asterisk based PBX's win hands down as they offer a far more superior number of features. By making use of Asterisk for your PBX, you are future proofing your business for growth as it can scale from small to large installations without you having to replace existing infrastructure.


  • VOIP Server - Asterisk can be used as a VoIP server and it can also be used to route calls over cheaper VOIP channels, provide inter-branch and head office connectivity at no variable cost per call or to connect telecommuting workers to the office telephone system.


Asterisk IP-PBX features include:

  • Interactive voice response (IVR),
  • Digital receptionist(auto-attendant),
  • Individual fax numbers per extension,
  • Fax to email per extension,Rack mount Asterisk solutions
  • Voicemail,
  • Access control for extension as local,national and international calls,
  • Do-not-disturb,
  • Call queing,
  • Call recording, on demand or always on,
  • Caller id based routing,
  • Least cost routing,
  • Conferencing,
  • Music on hold,
  • Optional CRM system integration, and
  • Detailed call reports, and
  • much more!